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Dallas Observer

Facebook Group Is Helping Save Asian Restaurants Across North Texas

One of the few good things about coronavirus is the way it has challenged some common ideas about human nature. The global pandemics of fiction imagined lawlessness, mass looting, murder and chaos — not charity and voluntary quarantining.

And on social media, we could have reasonably expected outpourings of anger and hate. There’s plenty of that, but there’s also a new Facebook group in Dallas with a no-negativity mission has taken on the challenge of saving hundreds of independent restaurants from extinction. […]


Texas Monthly

Edoko Omakase Sets the Standard for Japanese-Style Tacos in Texas

Edoko Omakase was recommended to me by members of the Asian Grub in DFDUB (DFW) Facebook group, organized by Asian restaurant owners and fans in the wake of racist backlash during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tacos here are listed only on an available-by-request menu. Topped variously with pink-and-white-striped salmon belly, tuna, a smattering of vegetables, and freshwater eel, all four tacos are served on a locally sourced, lightly grilled corn tortilla. They’re capped with garnishes such as squiggles of chile-infused crema and thinly sliced serrano chiles. Small lime wedges finish things off. The salmon belly is served on a creamy fan of avocado slices. My favorite was by far the unagi (freshwater eel) with plump halved cherry tomatoes and a peppy, silky wasabi salsa verde, seeds included. The modern presentation, thoughtful layering of flavors, and balance of textures left me stunned. I had to ask myself: was this a one-off, or are Japanese tacos a developing, even codified style of taco? […] READ FULL STORY

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas-area Chinese restaurants are surviving the pandemic with takeout, safety and loyal customers

In October, New York-based cookbook author and self-described “stir-fry guru” Grace Young teamed up with the James Beard Foundation for an Instagram campaign to #SaveChineseRestaurants.

To explain the initiative, Young cites a Business Insider report that 233,000 Asian American businesses closed between February and April last year as the pandemic gripped the country. A report by NBC News found that before stay-at-home orders were implemented in March, businesses in historic Chinatowns like San Francisco and New York had already lost 70% of sales “due to anti-Asian bigotry, fears of the virus and a sharp drop in international tourism.” […] READ FULL STORY

Shoutout DFW

Meet John Kim: Restaurant Owner aka Dishwasher

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Oh yeah, fun question. Lately, I joined the Facebook groups: DFW Black Owned Restaurants and Asian Grub in DFDUB. Warning: Don’t join unless you plan on gaining 15 pounds in the next month!! There’s so many hidden spots that we’re still finding but these two foodie groups are awesome in sharing good eats. […]


Restaurant Hospitality

Terry Pham of Fat Straws in Dallas on leveraging social media connections to make pop-ups work during the coronavirus pandemic

The most impactful thing we did was join a local Facebook group — AsianGrub in the DFDub — focused on supporting local restaurants impacted by COVID-19. Through this group, we began offering delivery services to cities far outside our normal delivery radius. We solicited feedback from the group and focused on doing weekly pop-ups in different cities 30-45 minutes from our stores. […]


D Magazine

The Comforting Allure of Momma Wong’s Mochis

Mary urged her mother Tina to fashion the Hong Kong–style glutinous rice-based snacks she had made for the family when she was a kid. Mary had seen the proliferation of mochi doughnuts and mochi cupcakes of late, and thought they could venture into the fray. She could see there was plenty of room for more in a landscape of sweets-seekers besotted with them. And, indeed, as soon as the food-sleuthing machine of the Facebook group Asian Grub in DFDUB’s users saw them, they seemed to agree. The result was the bulging pillows that beckoned on Instagram. […]



People Helping Each Other Out And Giving Us All Hope

I’m even confident enough to say that while the pandemic brought out the ugly in many, it also brought out the best in humanity. When people were losing their jobs due to store closures and layoffs, strangers on the internet were even comforting and helping each other.

A Facebook Group called, Asian Grub in DFDUB (DFW), was recently featured in the Dallas Observer for helping local restaurants in North Texas survive the pandemic. Aside from helping restaurants, the supportive members of the group have also been seen offering help to others who are currently struggling. […]


Irving – Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce

Facebook Groups for Foodies Drive Discovery of Local Restaurants, Provide Help During Storm

During the worst winter storm Dallas has seen in decades, Facebook users found a way to use their love of food to help their neighbors. Since last year, Facebook groups created to promote local restaurants have been doing so with great success. When power outages made food and heat hard to come by, they helped with that too.

Just days after restaurants were ordered to close in March last year, Vu Ly and Tran Loh started the private group Asian Grub in DFDUB (DFW) with a mission to help Asian mom and pop restaurants survive the pandemic. Within six weeks the group had grown to 19,500 members; now it has nearly twice that number. [..] READ FULL STORY

Texas Highways

Lunar New Year in Texas: Lion Dances, Dumplings, and Family

Friday marks the start of Lunar New Year, the annual two-week celebration of the new Chinese lunisolar calendar. Occurring around the same time as Chinese New Year, the holiday is commemorated in several countries throughout Asia, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea.

Here in the United States, Asian American communities welcome everyone to celebrate the holiday through traditions that include dragon dances and fireworks. For many, though, Lunar New Year is more about spending time with family and enjoying customs like the giving of red envelopes while feasting on fish dishes and dumplings. […]


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